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  • James Curry, Environmental Huddle Lead

Save the Planet

Hello out there fellow resisters! As you go about your increasingly more important opposition to barbaric laws and bills focused on abortion and immigration and other major social issues, I feel the need to remind you that Earth Day has snuck up on us! As a Park Ranger myself and the leader of the environmental group here in CJ Indivisible, I feel it is the perfect time to try and respark the flame that even I admit I have been dropping a bit recently. We have come a long way since the inception of the holiday in 1970, but the Trump administration has rolled back the clock on several laws and regulations that could have devastating effects on our planet and we cannot let this happen. With that in mind here are a few small suggested actions you can take to start helping the environment, and a bill or so to call your representatives about to help the planet on Earth Day 2018! The article above gives a few great tips to begin the process of becoming more environmentally friendly. Another great tip not mentioned there is less meat. It takes a lot of water, food, land, factories, driving and packaging, to deliver hamburgers. After all that introspection here are some outward actions to take. Call your State representatives and make sure they know to vote for NJ AR 121, and NJ SCR 40. The first makes sure money earned from participating in a regional greenhouse gas initiative stays in green energy development here in NJ and the second implores us as a state to hold to the Paris Climate Accords! Thanks again and have a great Earth Day! Resist!

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